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Barack Obama’s Presidency: A Timeline

Barack Obama (Aging 2006-2016)

In a super long feature, New York Magazine chronologically recaps Barack Obama’s presidency with help from dozens of participants, including the President himself.

All presidencies are historic. But no president since at least LBJ, and probably FDR, has arrived in Washington at a moment of greater historic urgency than Barack Obama. The man who took that oath of office seemed cut from American folklore — a neophyte politician elected senator only four years before, a prodigious and preacherly orator from the “Land of Lincoln” and the South Side of Chicago of the Great Migration. An embodiment not just of the American Dream as it had been imagined by the Greatest Generation of his own maternal grandparents but of a new version, too, one that might be embraced by his daughters — global, utopian-ish, post-boomer, “post-racial.”

More than “hope,” Obama’s candidacy promised “one America.” It is the deep irony of his presidency, and for Obama himself probably the tragedy, that the past eight years saw the country fiercely divided against itself. The president still managed to get a ridiculous amount done, advancing an unusually progressive agenda. But however Americans end up remembering the Obama years decades from now, one thing we can say for sure is that it did not feel, at the time, like an unmitigated liberal triumph. It felt like a cold civil war.

With the 24/7 political infighting it is easy to forget Obama got a lot done, despite a Congress that fought him tooth and nail for all eight years. November 8th and the next four years ought to be interesting to say the least.

Doctor Who Video: Vincent Van Gogh

In an episode of Doctor Who from 2010, the Doctor and his companion Amy take Van Gogh, who in the time they visit him was of course not remotely commercially successful and broke, not even able to give away his paintings to pay a bar tab.

At the end of the show they break their own “rules” of time travel, to take Van Gogh to the Musée d’Orsay to see an entire room filled with his paintings. Small children just sitting on the floor in awe looking at this paintings. The curator when asked his opinion on Van Gogh just says he was “the greatest painter of all time …. the most popular ….. the most beloved …. one of the greatest men that ever lived!” Kind of a moving scene.