I Put Safty Pins on Sunday

I Put Safty Pins on Sunday

Went out this weekend and bought about the largest safety pins I could find and they are now affixed to all my jackets and/or coats. Why safety pins you might ask? Post-Brexit, folks in the UK started wearing safety pins to show their stance against racism as well as their solidarity with immigrants. Also for individuals to know, if they were alone in a cafe or market, and they felt fearful or were being attacked, that a person with a safety pin on was well as “safe” place.

In response to the open environment of hatred, people across the U.K. are now wearing safety pins—and tweeting pictures of themselves wearing them—in an act of solidarity with immigrants.

In the wake of last week and reports of racism incidents across the nation, some are advocating using the safety pin strategy here too.

We need a symbol like that in the United States now. These are vicious days in America. The deplorables are emboldened. The Washington Post reports that there have already been two attacks on Muslim women on college campuses. At San Diego State University, two men ranting about Trump and Muslims robbed a student wearing hijab.

I hope I see others wearing them in my small rural town here in Southern IL, where we can give a head nod to each other. And I really, really hope nobody ever has to come to me, looking for a “safe” place.