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Trump Is An Ignorant Fool

This post my Josh over at Talking Points Memo kind of say what I’ve been thinking for a long, long time:

What is endearing, terrifying and hilarious about Trump is not simply his ignorance, really his militant ignorance, but his complete lack of self-awareness about his ignorance. Trump told a reporter for The Wall Street Journal that his understanding of the problem of North Korea changed dramatically after hearing ten minutes of history from the President of China. Needless to say, Trump didn’t need to admit this. But neither was it candor.

So far the Trump Presidency has been a sort of Mr Magoo performance art in which the comically ignorant Trump learns elemental or basic things that virtually everyone in the world of politics or government already knew—things that the majority of adults probably know. Health Care: “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” North Korea: “I felt pretty strongly that they had tremendous power. But it’s not what you think.” There are perhaps half a dozen examples equally stark.

In other words, President Trump is open about his discoveries and even eager to share them but universally projects his previous state of comical ignorance onto the general public or whomever he is talking to. In other cases, this would make sense. If Trump discovered that humans could fly if they hold their nose, close one eye and say “Shazam!” I’d want to know. Because that’s awesome. And I wouldn’t think worse of Trump for not knowing it before. Because this is new and amazing information. But learning that health care policy is complicated is a different kind of discovery.


What is key though is to understand that this is not just ignorance. Ignorance is just the first stage of Trump’s fairly advanced problem. He is not only ignorant but clearly unaware of his level of ignorance. This is compounded by a seeming inability to understand that everyone else isn’t equally ignorant to him. Those of us who are parents know the wonder of discovery experienced by small children. They find out there were things such as dinosaurs or close primate relatives called lemurs. As loving parents we indulge them, sometimes feigning ignorance of things we actually already knew to support a child’s joy in discovery.

But Donald Trump is a 70 year old man. And not a terribly nice man.

His ignorance is not endearing. We don’t need to lie to him to make him feel good about himself. Still it is good to understand his condition. Ignorance is just lack of information. But there’s something wrong with Trump’s brain—maybe cognitive, perhaps simple entitlement or just broad spectrum derp – which appears to make it genuinely impossible not to project his own ignorance onto everybody else.

In my advertising days I worked with some of the most high-tech companies in the world. I was very good at being able to understand this or that in enough detail to sit in a room with industry experts and develop both an advertising strategy and campaign. I like to joke I earned the respect of my clients because it wasn’t beneath me to admit I know what I don’t know, stop a meeting and ask for something to be explained in more detail.

I know on many topics my knowledge is a mile wide and about a foot deep. I like to think I am self-aware enough to know this and understand both the benefits and limitations. It is clear Trump is neither of these and he is the “Leader of the Free World.” That freaks me out.

Google Home

Review: Google Home

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I mentioned this in another Diary when I did a review of my new HP Envy laptop, but now I’ve spent more time when it I wanted to expand on it.

It was an impulse purchase at Best Buy. With technology, I normally read tons of articles and reviews before I buy anything. I didn’t know really a thing about it other than it was similar to the Amazon Echo. But I had just saved $200 off the laptop I didn’t expect, it was $129, and well I like technology. Into the cart it went.

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Review: My New HP ENVY 17″ Laptop

I often write reviews when I get new hardware, because well I enjoy doing it and I often find as a huge nerd/geek (proudly so I might add) many here who are not nerds are thinking about buying something but not sure what and they seem to get something from what I have to say.

Now to my HP Envy. Specs: 17.3 display, full keyboard, TB HD, 256 GB solid state drive running the OS, 24 MB RAM, Windows 10, backlit keyboard, DVD drive, and touchscreen capability running on a triple monitor set-up*

*This is not the optimal way to run a multi-monitor set-up. If you are interested in doing something like this ask in the comments and I’ll attempt to help/explain.

I was kind of flush with cash, because my parents are very generous with a New Year’s check to my brother and me so I also got**:

**I will talk about these at the end of the laptop review.

Before I get to the review, I need to explain a few things.

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Test Post #3

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