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[fusion_dropcap boxed="" boxed_radius="" class="" id="" color="336699"]H[/fusion_dropcap]i, I’m Tommy. WordPress developer by day. By night tech geek, gamer (Nintendo Switch platform of choice for now), avid hiker/walker, reformed ad exec, and sometime photographer. For almost a decade I’ve built elegant, yet functional and accessible WordPress sites. I excel at promotion via social media and email marketing campaigns. I also have a statistical background, so I kind of geek out on A/B testing of landing pages and site and email analytics in general. weBranding is both my professional site and digital sandbox, where I can play and tinker around with all things WordPress before I suggest and/or implement them for clients. Currently, I live outside St. Louis (Illinois side) with a cat named Mather (she runs things truth be told). To contact me you can send an e-mail to tommy [at] weBranding [dot] org or use my Contact, Schedule a Call , or Project Request forms.