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Hi, I'm Tommy. WordPress developer, tech geek, avid hiker/walker, and sometime designer. For more than a decade I've built elegant, yet functional and accessible WordPress sites. I also excel at promotion via social media and email marketing. weBranding is both my professional site and digital sandbox, where I can play and tinker around with all things WordPress. Currently, I live outside St. Louis.

An American Tragedy Unfolding

David Remnick, writing on the occasion of Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency of the United States. The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and [...]

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How the Electoral College Works

It is finally here, election day. Polls open here in Illinois in about 50 minutes. Go vote, please vote!

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Maybe The Most Effective Political Ad of 2016

I"ve been following both the Governor and Senate races in MO pretty closely. I may be an Illinois resident, but I live in southern Illniois only 33 miles from downtown St. Louis. Therefore all my mass media comes from the St. Louis metro area. US Senate candidate Jason Kander was consistently trailing incumbent Roy Blunt [...]

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Designing Your Life

One of the most popular courses at Stanford is Designing Your Life. Taught by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, the class covers how individuals can use design (thinking and techniques) to shape your life and career. This is a topic close to me for many reasons. I've spent my entire career around world class designers. I always [...]

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Tweet of the Day

Cook Political Report moves Iowa into Trump’s column, but map still forecasts Clinton victory. — Jim Roberts (@nycjim) November 1, 2016

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The Clinton Rules Explained

I will let Matthew Yglesias explain: The latest Hillary Clinton email revelations arose out of an unrelated investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting. The best way to understand this odd hopscotch is through the Prime Directive of Clinton investigations: We know the Clintons are guilty, the only question is what are they guilty of and when [...]

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Supercut of Kubrick References In The Simpsons

After my previous post on Stanley Kubrick, I kind of "fell down the rabbit hole" watching videos about him. Found this one that brings two of my favorite things together, Kubrick and The Simpsons. Anybody that has watched The Simpsons for even a handful of episodes, know the writers reference movies (and pop culture in general) [...]

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Tweet of the Day

The queens of the valley.@herdyshepherd1 — Hannah Jackson (@redshepherdess) October 30, 2016 BTW: if you are not following @herdyshepherd1 you are really missing out.

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Why Stanley Kubrick Was Such a Great Director

The Coen Brothers are the only directors I enjoy more than Stanley Kubrick, and they are a distant second. Kubrick paid such attention to detail, exerted such total control, he was able to create films that almost defy understanding . Anytime I throw in a DVD from the stellar Stanley Kurbrick Collection I am stunned at [...]

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Video: Cleaning a Cast Iron Skillet

My cast iron skillet must be about 75 years old (if not older), given to me by my grandmother. I couldn't imagine my kitchen without it. It never leaves my stovetop. The above is a flat out wonderful video if you consider yourself something of an expert on cleaning and seasoning your skillet (as I [...]

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