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I mentioned this in another Diary when I did a review of my new HP Envy laptop, but now I’ve spent more time when it I wanted to expand on it.

It was an impulse purchase at Best Buy. With technology, I normally read tons of articles and reviews before I buy anything. I didn’t know really a thing about it other than it was similar to the Amazon Echo. But I had just saved $200 off the laptop I didn’t expect, it was $129, and well I like technology. Into the cart it went.

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Review: My New HP ENVY 17″ Laptop

I often write reviews when I get new hardware, because well I enjoy doing it and I often find as a huge nerd/geek (proudly so I might add) many here who are not nerds are thinking about buying something but not sure what and they seem to get something from what I have to say.

Now to my HP Envy. Specs: 17.3 display, full keyboard, TB HD, 256 GB solid state drive running the OS, 24 MB RAM, Windows 10, backlit keyboard, DVD drive, and touchscreen capability running on a triple monitor set-up*

*This is not the optimal way to run a multi-monitor set-up. If you are interested in doing something like this ask in the comments and I’ll attempt to help/explain.

I was kind of flush with cash, because my parents are very generous with a New Year’s check to my brother and me so I also got**:

**I will talk about these at the end of the laptop review.

Before I get to the review, I need to explain a few things.

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