Doctor Who Season 10 Teaser

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Sherlock: Series 4 Teaser (Official)

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Anthony Hopkins Still Rocks Bigtime

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Supercut of Kubrick References In The Simpsons

After my previous post on Stanley Kubrick, I kind of "fell down the rabbit hole" watching videos about him. Found this one that brings two of my favorite things together, Kubrick and The Simpsons. Anybody that has watched The Simpsons for even a handful of episodes, know the writers reference movies (and pop culture in general) [...]

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Sherlock Season 4 Coming Soon

The new three-episode season of Sherlock, will premiere on January 1, 2017, in both the UK and US, a first for the show, which usually airs much later for those of us in the US. In season four, rumored to be the last, new episodes will air on the BBC America and as part of PBS’s [...]

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Salem Season 3 First Look

One of my really guilty pleasures, at least from a TV point-of-view, is the WGN show Salem. Season 3 is set to launch on November 2, and the above behind the scenes style video has me counting down the days.

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Doctor Who Video: Vincent Van Gogh

In an episode of Doctor Who from 2010, the Doctor and his companion Amy take Van Gogh, who in the time they visit him was of course not remotely commercially successful and broke, not even able to give away his paintings to pay a bar tab. At the end of the show they break their [...]

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Trailer for Oliver Stone’s “Snowden”

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The Latest Gotham Trailer Is Insane

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