Samsung Galaxy S7

Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

Months ago I wrote a Diary asking for advice on smartphones people liked the most. A lot of input but also interest from other folks looking for a new phone. Figured since I just got a new one two weeks ago, I should give some feedback.

Long story short I didn't really want a new phone just yet.

My Samsung Galaxy Note II, sure getting long in the tooth, worked perfectly. I used to always like the “shiny new thing.” But since I built my first computer with my dad from a kit in the early 80s, I’ve learned that wasn’t always the best thing.

If your device works, serves your needs, then stick with it.

Well last Sunday early AM texting dad. Set my phone down. A few hours later I am like your phone hasn’t beeped to alert you of this or that. What’s up? I pick it up and it is dead. I mean dead as in it won’t even restart.

Getting a new phone when the Note 7 was in total recall wasn’t easy, but that is another story. On to the review.

Positive Stuff:

1. It looks pretty, but I guess all top level phones do these days.

2. Since my other phone was dead I didn’t have the ability to transfer apps and data. But as soon as I turned on the phone Google Play pops up and noted the apps I had before and asked which I would like to download. It worked about 90% of the time. Seemed to miss some system tools, that run in the background.

2b. All my contacts and VM messages came over with no effort on my part.

3. The interface is not really any different, other than I am not restricted to the number of screens I have. This is a HUGE plus for me! Another little change, but a welcome one, is when the phone “sleeps” it now tells me the date, time, and battery life.

4. My Note II wouldn’t let me toggle between multiple apps running at the same time. Now I can. I don’t know how many times on my previous phone I’d be having a conversation and somebody would ask a question and I’d need Google or something else, and have to go to one of my computers. No more.

5. The camera is off the chart amazing. I was toggling thru the front/rear camera and took a pic to see if my IFTT settings were correct (where if I upload a pic to my Flickr account it also goes to Instagram) and was floored by the quality.

6. Speed also off the chart. I tend to browse the Internet in a manner where I just open tab after tab of stories I want to read and then save to Pocket. After I am done with all the sites I like, I head to Pocket to read them all. It takes like a second to save. On my $3,000 desktop or Chromebook it takes longer.

7. The buttons at the bottom of the phone, off the screen itself, are the same as my Galaxy Tab 4 are now the same. Very welcome.

8. Oh it is a phone, it makes calls :).

Not So Postive Stuff:

1. No memory card. I get everything is in the “cloud” these days, and maybe I am getting old, but I still think if I buy a $700 device I ought to have a memory output/input option with physical media.

2. Bluetooth isn’t playing well with my Plantronics headset. It is on, off, on off. HUGE issue since I have the most expensive Plantronics offers and I can’t imagine a world where I hold my phone to my ear when I talk with somebody.

3. The “dots” at the bottom of each page don’t work so I have to swipe to move from page to page. Not so happy about this.


1. Couldn’t get the phone at the Verizon store by me, and I only have one. I don’t know why, but if I have a Verizon phone seems I should get it at a Verizon store. Ended up going to Best Buy. They threw offers at me. $100 gift card. Free VR headset. Price of phone and plan the exact same of course as Verizon offered. I’ll NEVER go to Verizon again. Should note Verizon employee told me to do this after seeing me in the store for a third day in a row trying to get the darn phone. Kudos dude!

2. Pokemon Go was the only app I tried to install on my Note II that I couldn’t. Installed now. Not used it yet, but most days walk 20,000 steps (about 9/7 miles). In the coming weeks I am going to go find some Pokemon :).

3. I used Might Text to well text. The new Google Allo messaging app, although just starting using it, seems to flat out rock.


Not having a phone for a few days, since I got rid of my VOIP line years ago, sucked. I guess that should be a given, but not something I had really pondered. Next time I am in a Target or Walmart going to pick up the cheapest pay as you go non-smartphone, add like 60 minutes to it, and keep it just in case something like this happens in the future.