WordPress.com SOPA Blackout

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Update: Read  The Story Behind the SOPA Blackout, if you are a little clueless about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Ron Paul: The Venn Diagram

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Mother Jones tries what I thought was impossible, which is place his libertarian ideas on the political spectrum in the form of a venn diagram. Congressman Ron Paul’s third-place finish in Tuesday’s Iowa Republican Caucus was a remarkably strong showing for a candidate who has so little in common with mainstream Republicans. Perhaps the nation’s most […]

Cat Friendly Planter Table

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[Found via Emily Wettstein]

Video: Dan Choi Gets His Ring Back

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Maybe some of you remember the exchange earlier this year when Lt. Dan Choi gave Harry Reid his West Point ring and said he wouldn’t take it back until DADT was repealed. Today, Reid gave him the ring back. Pretty powerful stuff.

Monkey Adopts A Kitten

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There are many more just wonderful pics here. Cute overload will ensue I assure you.

Now How Cute Is This Puppy?

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While on vacation I got to relax, read about non-work related stuff, and visit my favorite aunt. She just got a new puppy and it is about the cutest think I’ve ever seen, and I am a cat guy.