The World’s Most Expensive Scrabble Game

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I get this is pretty darn cool, but I’d say just a tiny bit over-the-top: The world’s most advanced Scrabble board comes complete with LEDs, RFID chips and software that transmits the game to the Internet in real time. It’s also the world’s most expensive. Worth $30,000, the board—clad in carbon fiber—was created for the upcoming Prague Mind Sports […]

TalkToy Teddy Bear Raises $16M

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Via BoingBoing: ToyTalk, a “family entertainment” startup that makes a “smart,” internet-connected, artificially-intelligent teddy bear, has secured a total of $16M million in institutional funding. The company was founded by former Pixar CTO Oren Jacob, and ToyTalk CTO Martin Reddy previously worked at the organization that built virtual personal assistant Siri.

The Free Universal Construction Kit

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  Ever wanted to connect your Legos to your Lincoln Logs? Well problem solved if you have a 3D printer.

POV Jump Rope Video

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Full Circle from Callum Cooper on Vimeo. What jumping rope looks like from the rope’s perspective. If you get motion sickness, well you might not want to hit play.

The 5 Best Toys of All Time

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Jonathan Liu over at GeekDad compiled a list of the five best toys of all time. Funny and true at the same time: 2. Box Another toy that is quite versatile, Box also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Need proof? Depending on the number and size you have, Boxes can be turned into […]

Sneak Peek: The Return Of Chuck

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Don’t get me wrong, I do love the Olympics. But there are a few of my favorite shows that are on “pause” cause of it. One is Chuck, which gets back to new shows starting Monday. I just have to say I wish more people would watch this darn show so every year I don’t […]

Rocking Horse Made From A Vintage Vespa

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[Found via Greenwala]