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The World’s Most Expensive Scrabble Game

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I get this is pretty darn cool, but I’d say just a tiny bit over-the-top:

The world’s most advanced Scrabble board comes complete with LEDsRFID chips and software that transmits the game to the Internet in real time. It’s also the world’s most expensive.

Worth $30,000, the board—clad in carbon fiber—was created for the upcoming Prague Mind Sports Festival which starts on Dec. 1 and runs through Dec 4th. The board houses 225 RFID sensors underneath each square that detect the presence of tiles with corresponding RFID sensors.

What 20,000 Pages Of Inappropriate Emails Look Like

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What a great idea.

U.S. Gen. John Allen reportedly sent 20,000 to 30,000 pages of “potentially inappropriate” emails to Tampa socialite Jill Kelley. We got to wondering, what would 20,000 pages of inappropriate emails look like?

Marco Rubio: “I’m Not A Scientist, Man” (No Shit)

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I long for the day when the question, ”How old do you think the Earth is?” doesn’t trip up a sitting US Senator prospective presidential candidate. Via an interview if GQ Magazine:

GQ: How old do you think the Earth is?

Marco Rubio: I’m not a scientist, man. I can tell you what recorded history says, I can tell you what the Bible says, but I think that’s a dispute amongst theologians and I think it has nothing to do with the gross domestic product or economic growth of the United States. I think the age of the universe has zero to do with how our economy is going to grow. I’m not a scientist. I don’t think I’m qualified to answer a question like that. At the end of the day, I think there are multiple theories out there on how the universe was created and I think this is a country where people should have the opportunity to teach them all. I think parents should be able to teach their kids what their faith says, what science says. Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.

Of course, to most scientists or really anybody that has taken Science 101, the Earth’s age is not much of a mystery and has not been for a long, long time. But he core base that Rubio is playing to doesn’t agree. See those who follow a strict interpretation of the Bible regularly dispute the chronology put forth by scientists, and well that group is a core group for Republicans. Heck in June, Gallup found that 58% of Republicans take a creationist view of the world—i.e, God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years.

Update: Oh great. Rubio might not fancy himself scientist, but he IS a member of the Senate’s Commerce, Science, & Transportation Committee. God help us!

Sure I’ll Pay For Their Health Care

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When the news first broke weeks ago that for Papa John’s to conform to the mandates of the Affordable Care Act, they would have to increase the price of each pizza by a little more than a dime, I thought to myself, “well that isn’t to bad, is that really all it would cost, cause I’ll pay that.” Wonkette notes this as well as includes a list of all the chain restaurants that really don’t deserve your business.

John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s pizza, is LIVID and he is NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. You want his employees to have health care coverage? Well FINE, he’ll GIVE them health care coverage but it will cost you do-gooder liberals ten cents more per pizza, does that make you HAPPY? Actually, it might make you happy. We at Wonkette have concluded that we will pay ten cents more per pizza if it will ensure that the person making it is able to see a doctor when he gets sick. And we wonder why this didn’t happen sooner, if all it took was ten cents more per pizza to get employee health care coverage. Is that really all it costs? Ten cents per pizza? If so, then maybe the CEO of Papa John’s should have done this a long time ago. But again, this attitude is why we are not the CEO of a multi-billion dollar pizza company.

I don’t eat, I mean EVER at any of the chain restaurants on this list. About the only fast food I consume, which is rare includes Fazoli’s (pasta) and St. Louis Bread Company (Panera everywhere else outside of the St. Louis area). I really hope these folks pain for being both “cheap” and “heartless” business owners!

Les Miles: There Is No Such Thing As Flop!

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LSU won a nail-bitter today against Mississippi State. A game that had no right to be as close as it was. In the press conference after the game LSU coach Les Miles was asked if “benched” quarterback Russell Shepard was a “flop.” His response is priceless.

I love what Deadspin had to say about this min-rant:

Les Miles goes through an emotional spectrum here that surpasses even the most skilled practioners of the dramatic arts—it’s forceful, angry, instructive, happy, endearing, eloquent, then a little angry again, then back to happy—some of these feelings are just plain unidentifiable. They are feelings only Les Miles feels. In two minutes, he careens wildly between full-on meltdown and a genuinely moving postgame oration. The man eats grass. Don’t try to put labels on him.

Sometimes during a game he calls plays that makes me wonder what the heck he is doing (see Bama game this year). But boring he is not!

Sad, But More Truthful Then I Care To Admit

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Via the always wonderful Onion: Nation Horrified To Learn About War In Afghanistan While Reading Up On Petraeus Sex Scandal

As they scoured the Internet for more juicy details about former CIA director David Petraeus’ affair with biographer Paula Broadwell, Americans were reportedly horrified today upon learning that a protracted, bloody war involving U.S. forces is currently raging in the nation of Afghanistan. “Oh my God, this is terrible,” Allie Lipscomb, 29, said after accidentally stumbling on an article about the war while she tried to ascertain details about what specific sexual acts Petraeus and Broadwell might have engaged in. “According to this, 2,000 American troops have died, 18,000 have been wounded, and more than 20,000 civilians have been killed. Jesus Christ. And it’s been happening for, like, 11 years.” Sources confirmed that after reading a few paragraphs about the brutal war, the nation quickly became distracted by a headline about Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash’s alleged sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy.

It Is Not Polite To Invite Yourself Over

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Or at least that is what my parents taught me. I guess Joe’s isn’t privy to this basic social norm.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio would like to have his own version of a “man-to-man” beer summit with President Barack Obama so he could give the president advice on dealing with immigration, the outspoken law enforcement official told Breitbart News in a story published Tuesday.“I wish the president would invite me to the White House,” he said, according to the website. “We’ll have some wine and beer, and light up cigars.” […]

“I won’t even ask you for your birth certificate,” Arpaio told Obama through Breitbart News.

I can just imagine Obama saying, “You know what? I don’t think we’ve heard from enough batshit insane crackpots about this immigration thing. Why don’t we call in that one crazy-ass person from Arizona—no, the other one, no not that one. Yeah, the one that doesn’t think I was born in the United States. Is under multiple investigations by my Justice Department for many violations of civil right. Yeah lets invite him over for a beer. That seems like a good idea.

Canadians Are Ready For A Zombie Invasion

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Via the Washington Post:

First the government of British Columbia invoked the prospect of a zombie attack to convince its residents to devise home-emergency kits in case of natural disasters (or unnatural ones). Now Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation is releasing its own video about the zombie apocalypse in order to teach people CPR. Maybe Canadians know something that we don’t.