Buckle-up Garden Gnome

Buckle-up Garden Gnome

So I just finish having lunch with my parents in a strip mall. I head down to a Sears Hardware store to see if they can match the paint color in my home office. My mom and dad step into a thrift store. About 10 minutes later I head to the car and see this. A huge Garden Gnome in the backseat of the car, blanket wrapped around it and with the seat beat. You might think my parents just have a great sense of humor and this was a joke. It was not!

P.T. Barnum’s 20 Rules for Making Money

In 1880 P.T. Barnum published a book of rules for making money called The Art of Money Getting. Here are the 20 rules from the book:Th

1. Don’t mistake your vocation
2. Select the right location
3. Avoid debt
4. Persevere
5. Whatever you do, do it with all your might
6. Depend upon your own personal exertions
7. Use the best tools
8. Don’t get above your business
9. Learn something useful
10. Let hope predominate but be not too visionary
11. Do not scatter your powers
12. Be systematic
13. Read the newspapers
14. Beware of “outside operations”
15. Don’t indorse without security
16. Advertise your business
17. Be polite and kind to your customers
18. Be charitable
19. Don’t blab
20. Preserve your integrity

I was a little surprised, you can actually still buy the book.