Elizabeth Banks on Planned Parenthood

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Wow, this is how you do a celebrity endorsement. My first serious girlfriend in college used the pill for the exact same reason. And do be honest as a 20 year old dude in the late 80s I wasn’t even aware a pill could help with this (or that “heavy flow” was even a problem). […]

Brutal Obama Campaign Ad

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I am a political wonk of a pretty high order. I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of campaign ads. This is about as hardcore and brutal as it gets. Funny thing is Republicans are usually much, much better at producing campaign ads like this. Looks like Obama has taken off the gloves. Update: Via Talking […]

Karl Rove New Book vs. REWORK

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37signals new book REWORK was released a little more than a week ago. It is currently #3 on Amazon. In the top spot is Karl Rove’s new book Courage and Consequence, which he has been on TV for what seems like twenty hours a day promoting. In a wonderful display of humor the folks at […]