Chart: Apple’s Record Earnings

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Apple’s $46 billion in revenue last quarter vastly exceeded analysts expectations and was their largest quarter to date (in both revenue and profit). As this chart from Silicon Alley Insider highlights, iPhone sales were by far the biggest driver of Apple’s monster earnings.  

Moleskine iPad App

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As an avid note taker and Moleskine user this is pretty cool. They’ve launched an iPad application. According to their release: [….] allows you to express your creativity through text, images and sketches. Pick a classic Moleskine notebook paper style, create a new thought and start to type or draw choosing amongst different colors and […]

BMW iPad Concept Idea

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This is a pretty cool concept that actually makes a lot of sense. It seems BMWs will soon feature iPad docking bays on back seats. Using ConnectedDrive the car will effectively become a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Google Android Tablet

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I don’t have any idea how Google’s tablet will compete with the iPad, but the mere introduction of it basically solidifies that this type of device will be the new way we encounter computing for many, many years moving forward.

iPhone Desk Phone

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Well this is pretty darn cool. Almost makes me want to run out and buy an iPhone.

How The Nexus One Was Created

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Well this is pretty neat. Google has launched a Nexus One YouTube channel with videos documenting a step-by-step process on how the Android phones were created. Two are already up with there more slated for release in the next couple days. The videos have amazing production value, but they also tell a pretty neat story […]