Vincent Kohler “Billions”

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[Found via Vincent Kohler]

Obama Evolved Poster

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[Found via Salon]

Guy Laramee: Carved Book Landscapes

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This is just flat out amazing. There are many more here at Apartment Therapy.

Winner: Best US Map

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This map of the US made by David Imus is just flat out amazing.  He worked seven days a week for two years on it—and it won the Best of Show award at the Cartography and Geographic Information Society competition for 2010. According to a story in Slate here is why. According to independent cartographers I spoke […]

Video: Ink & Paper

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Post-it Note Art

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People with maybe a little too much free time, but neat stuff none the less.

Fulvio Bonavia: A Matter of Taste

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[Found via TrendLand]

Yes Art Can Be Fun

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A bus stop in London has installed a swing at a bus stop designed by Bruno Taylor as part of his “Playful Spaces” exhibit. Why can’t we have more of this kind of stuff in the United States? [Found via Swissmiss]