MAKE Founder Dale Dougherty Profiled

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Dale Dougherty is the founder of MAKE Magazine and Maker Faire. He believes in a simple idea: that we all have potential to be makers. He is passionate about creating a generation who are creative, innovative, curious, and making things to improve our world.

Everything You Need to Know About Mitt

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During the GOP debate the other night, moderator John King asked each candidate to name the top misconception about them. This was Romney’s response: JOHN KING: Governor Romney? MITT ROMNEY: We’ve got to restore America’s promise in this country, where people know that with hard work and education that they’re going to be secure and prosperous and […]

Newt Is A Bad "Loser)

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It seems that everyone who is online or has their own television shows seems to be of the opinion that Newt Gingrich did poorly in this latest debate. When now apparently “everyone” includes Newt and his campaign staff. Their excuse for his lackluster performance this time around, was that the auditorium was packed with Romney supporters: “They definitely […]

The Rising Tide Of Extreme Violence

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This Washington Post op-ed is really worth a read: Last October, Glenn Beck was musing on his radio show about the prospect of the government seizing his children if he didn’t give them flu vaccines. “You want to take my kids because of that?” he said. “Meet Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.” Last April, Erick […]

Oh Sure, Our Media Is So Darn Liberal

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As a progressive I get so sick of hearing from the right about our liberal “mainstream” media, cause I sure don’t see it often via the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, or the Washington Post. Lets take the Washington Post op-ed page today. Washington Press Corps Dean David Broder starts us off by penning a love […]

CNN Video Panoramas

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This is pretty darn cool. CNN is now posting panoramic videos that allow the user to pan around while the video plays. It almost feels like you are walking through the scene while holding the camera.

Digg Dialog Launches

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This is pretty darn cool. Digg has just launched a new service called Digg Dialog. The concept is pretty simple. It is announced that a specific person will attend, users submit questions, and people digg the questions just like normally do with news stories. Those that hit the stated requirements and receive the most diggs […]

Affiliations Of Cable News Watchers

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According to a recent Pew Research survey, the political affiliation of cable news viewer break down as follows: CNN: 51% Democrats, 18% Republicans, 23% independents MSNBC: 45% Democrats, 18% Republicans, 27% independent Fox News: 33% Democrats, 39% Republicans, 22% independents I find this interesting on so many different levels. But one of the most interesting […]

CNN Beats FOX News In Key Demographic

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The New York Times reports today: The political season continues to be very good to CNN, which will officially announce on Tuesday that for the first time since 2001, it managed to beat the Fox News Channel in prime time for one quarter of the year in the category of news viewers most desirable to […]