Whoops, I Am In The Wrong Room

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It would seem newly elected Rep.-elect Chris Collins (R-NY) had a few problems today: “When they welcomed Leader Pelosi and everyone stood up to applaud, a frantic new member got up—breakfast plate in hand—rushed over to me and asked, ‘Wait … what meeting is this?!’ I said, ‘This is the Democratic Caucus.’ He said, ‘Oh […]

Recall “Joe The Plumber”

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Yeah, I am talking about this guy. Remember Joe the Plumber, that guy who isn’t really named Joe and isn’t really a plumber but nonetheless became famous for no particular reason during the 2008 election and then somehow managed to get a reporting gig for Pajamas Media and subsequently “wrote” a “book” that now sells […]

Ryan Is As Conservative As Bachmann

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To put in context the extreme nature of Paul Ryan’s ideology, Nate Silver at the New York Times went and looked at the DW Nominate rankings. Guess who Ryan is most like? Yep, Michele Bachmann: Various statistical measures of Mr. Ryan peg him as being quite conservative. Based on his Congressional voting record, for instance, the statistical system DW-Nominate […]

BREAKING: Congress Passes a Bill

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I know it is hard to believe, but it is true. Congress passed a bill: On a broad bipartisan vote of 78 to 20, the Senate voted Tuesday to extend the life of the U.S. Export-Import Bank and expand its authority to make loans to U.S. exporters. In the “Schoolhouse Rock” version of how Capitol Hill […]

Maybe That Whole Going "Black," Protest Things Works

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Look at who is dropping support for SOPA. “I’m withdrawing my co-sponsorship for the Protect IP Act,” said Sen. Roy Blunt, a Missouri Republican.Sen. John Boozman, an Arkansas Republican, “will be withdrawing his name as a co-sponsor” of Protect IP, a spokesman told CNET today. Fellow Protect IP co-sponsor Sen. James Risch, an Idaho Republican, said today that he […]

WordPress.com SOPA Blackout

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Update: Read  The Story Behind the SOPA Blackout, if you are a little clueless about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).