Canadians Are Ready For A Zombie Invasion

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Via the Washington Post: First the government of British Columbia invoked the prospect of a zombie attack to convince its residents to devise home-emergency kits in case of natural disasters (or unnatural ones). Now Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation is releasing its own video about the zombie apocalypse in order to teach people CPR. Maybe Canadians know something that we […]

George Lucas Profile From 1979

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The March 1979 issue of The Atlantic contained this amazing profile of George Lucas, who at the time was only a couple  years removed from releasing Star Wars. Star Wars was manufactured. When a competent corporation prepares a new product, it does market research. George Lucas did precisely that. When he says that the film was […]

Billy’s Presidental Debate Game

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Tonight the candidates meet for a second time at Hofstra University for a 90-minute debate moderated by CNN’s Candy Crowley. Bill in Portland Maine over at Daily Kos has come up with the rules for tonight’s drinking (and eating) game. Here they are: Start with a clean gullet by guzzling a Paul Ryan-sized glass of water and then […]

Growth In Fast Food Portion Sizes

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Via Brian Fung, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) charts the growth of fast food portion sizes since the 1950s. The average soda, it turns out, has grown sixfold. The average American adult, meanwhile, is now 26 pounds heavier than they were during the days of Frank Sinatra.

Maybe The Worse Office Every [Pic]

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[Found via: Pleated Jeans]

Autotuned Mister Rogers Tribute

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Mister Rogers remixed by Symphony of Science’s John D. Boswell for PBS Digital Studios.

Video: What Is A Hipster?

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The Hipster Hunt from Julie Percha on Vimeo.