Les Miles: There Is No Such Thing As Flop!

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LSU won a nail-bitter today against Mississippi State. A game that had no right to be as close as it was. In the press conference after the game LSU coach Les Miles was asked if “benched” quarterback Russell Shepard was a “flop.” His response is priceless. I love what Deadspin had to say about this min-rant: […]

All I Can Say Is RGIII

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Maybe it was just a preseason game, but when you are a Redskins fan, well all your future hopes lie in this young man.

RG3 Takes The Field For The Redskins

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This is a very fine day for this Redskins fan. Robert Griffin III has literally entered the stadium, or at least the practice field.

Welcome To The NFL Robert Griffin III

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Former NFL player Nate Jackson pens an open letter to future NFL draft picks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. After negotiating your contracts, you both will surely buy a house in an affluent suburb where no 22-year-old would be happy living. Your new neighbors will be rich as well, facelifted, lipo-sucked, Xanaxed and dripping in […]

Speed-Freak Football

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As a smash-mouth SEC football fan I have to say I am fascinated by the style of football played by the University of Oregon. The New York Times has a wonderful piece on their innovative offense, which turns the game into something that’s paced a bit more like soccer. In the city of the distance-running […]

Well That Is Kind Of Surprising

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As I huge football fan I realized the actual playing of the game isn’t that much, but I had no idea it was this darn bad. According to the Wall Street Journal only 11 minutes: So what do the networks do with the other 174 minutes in a typical broadcast? Not surprisingly, commercials take up […]

The BCS Hires A PR Firm (Epic Fail)

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The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) has hired Ari Fleischer Communications, run by the former press secretary for President George W. Bush, to help rebuild the tattered image of college football’s postseason system. One of their first moves was to set-up an official BCS Twitter account. This maybe one of those rare cases where interacting with […]

Brett Fauvre Mic'd Up

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Lets Get It On: LSU vs. Florida

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Tonight in Baton Rouge Florida (#1) plays LSU (#4). The winner of this SEC game has gone on to capture the last three BCS championships, so it is kind of an important game.  On paper and based on how they’ve played this year LSU appears over matched on both sides of the ball. However, this […]