Don't Forget Huckabee Is A "Tool"

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At times Mike Huckabee doesn’t necessarily come across like a bad guy. As far-right politicians goes he can seem “sane.” He tells great stories; he frequently jokes around with Jon Stewart; heck he even plays bass on national TV. As right-wing preachers-turned-politicians go, Huckabee seems non-threatening and even a dude you’d like to have a beer with. […]

Fox Business Launches War On "Anti-corporate" Muppets

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Do we really have to do go down this road? C’mon. I mean … c’mon: It ain’t easy being green, but according to Fox Business, Kermit the Frog and his Muppet friends are reds. Last week, on the network’s “Follow the Money” program, host Eric Bolling went McCarthy on the new, Disney-released film, “The Muppets,” […]

Are Gleen Beck's Day At Fox Numbered?

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Via the New York Times: Mr. Beck, a conservative Jeremiah and talk-radio phenomenon, burst into television prominence in 2009 by taking the forsaken 5 p.m. slot on Fox News and turning it into a juggernaut. A conjurer of conspiracies who spotted sedition everywhere he looked, Mr. Beck struck a big chord and ended up on […]

Eric Schmidt & Roger Ailes Features

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The New Yorker has a long article on the departure of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Esquire has the best profile I’ve read to date on Fox News head Roger Alies. Both well work the time to read. Update: Following up on the link above about Schmidt leaving his CEO position at Google, this little […]

Republican Push To Defund NPR

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How did the first GOP-ordered House vote since the election work out? Well not so well: The Republican campaign to take away all federal funding from National Public Radio (NPR) was over before it began, with GOP lawmakers’ procedural trick to force a vote on the issue failing on Thursday. Most folks think the attempt […]

Obama's Presser

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President Obama hosted an unusually-long White House press conference this morning For the most part, the press corps stuck to substantive issues and avoided some of the more sensationalistic issues of the day. But there were exceptions. About half-way through the event Fox News’ Wendell Goler (imagine that) asked about “the wisdom of building a […]

It Is A Reason, Not An Excuse

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In the last few weeks I’ve heard many on the right say that the BP oil spill gusher is being used by Obama as an excuse to stop the expansion of offshore drilling in US waters. A perfect example was Neil Cavuto on Fox News yesterday afternoon: I don’t want to sound too jaded or […]

Beck Losses 100+ UK Advertisers

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This is so hilarious and couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy. Color of Change and announced today  that the United Kingdom has forcefully rejected Fox News host Glenn Beck. In fact, the UK broadcast of his show was forced to run without any advertisements for five straight days in a row as of yesterday. And […]