Bush Explains Reaction To 9/11 Attack

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I think that everybody can recall that when George Bush was first informed of a plane hitting the World Trade Center, he was reading “My Pet Goat” to a classroom of children. He then kept reading for an additional seven minutes. He has now told National Geographic Magazine the reason was, “I wanted to project […]

This Chart Says It All

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The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) lets us know where the responsibility for our growing national debt resides. And funny thing, it isn’t Barack Obama’s fault.

Chart Of The Day

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GOP Elder Statesmen At A Loss

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Steve Benen writing for Washington Monthly: There was a time, not too long ago, that the political world would look to these proxies as evidence of merit. If Lugar, Scowcroft, Kissinger, James Baker, Reagan Secretary of State George Schultz, Reagan Chief of Staff Kenneth Duberstein, Reagan Chief of Staff Howard Baker, and Colin Powell endorsed […]

Ryan Grim On Bush's Decision Points

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It would appear Ryan Grim of Huffington Post is one of the hundred or so people who have actually read George W. Bush’s new memoir Decision Points. According to the publisher, Random House, it is supposed to offer readers, “a first person account [….] never-before-heard detail” and “a strikingly candid journey through the defining decisions […]

Folding Like A Cheap Suit

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Via the Washington Post we learn: With the economy rapidly weakening, some senior Democrats are having second thoughts about raising taxes on the nation’s wealthiest families and are pressing party leaders to consider extending the full array of Bush administration tax cuts, at least through next year. This rethinking comes barely a month after Democrats […]

Wow. George Bush Has A Facebook Page

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Have you “liked” George W. Bush yet? Because 12,000 other people have on his new Facebook page that just launched. It is almost like he must have a book coming out soon or something.

The Torture "Crew" Weighs In On Kagan

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I am sure like me you’ve be waiting to hear what John Yoo thinks about Elena Kagan. It appears the Philadelphia Inquirer must have been curious so they gave him a few column inches today. What if a college dean barred from campus recruiting any law firm that provided free representation to al-Qaida terrorists? Suppose […]

"Drill Baby Drill" Redux

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Andrew Sullivan nails half-term Governor Sarah Palin’s recent statements on energy policy: Check this quote out (it’s at the 15 minute mark of the speech here): “After inheriting a good pro-development GOP plan that opened up both coasts for drilling, the Obama administration halted development … and now we’re gonna study, more study of the […]

Is The BP Oil Spill Obama's Katrina?

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The Washington Post today considers the politics (stupid as they are) of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and the suddenly-ubiquitous media efforts to compare the Obama administration’s response to the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Unlike Katrina, there has been no obvious failures of government, no images to compare to the Superdome or […]