Recall “Joe The Plumber”

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Yeah, I am talking about this guy. Remember Joe the Plumber, that guy who isn’t really named Joe and isn’t really a plumber but nonetheless became famous for no particular reason during the 2008 election and then somehow managed to get a reporting gig for Pajamas Media and subsequently “wrote” a “book” that now sells […]

Stupid Wingnut Quote Of The Day

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In today’s competition, and it was really competitive to say the least, for most ridiculous wingnut statement in reaction to the Supreme Court’s upholding of the Affordable Care Act, the Heartland Institute has provided this most note-worthy submission: The president intimidated Chief Justice John Roberts like Hugo Chavez intimidates the Venezuelan Supreme Court. The rule of law […]

The Republican Party In Action

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Ezra Klein at the Washington Post outlines how the GOP managed to take an idea they promoted for at least two decades, the individual mandate, and within two years set the stage for the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional: The first step was, perhaps, the hardest: The Republican Party had to take an official and unanimous stand […]

Things GOP Opponents Said About Bain

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Just cause Republicans have their pants in a wad cause the Obama campaign and the pro-Obama PAC dare to run ads critical of Bain and Mitt’s time there, lets us not forget what his own Republican competitors said about this topic not that long ago: 1. “The idea that you’ve got private equity companies that […]

The Real “Skinny” On Gas Prices

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Actual journalism being committed here: That’s because oil is a global commodity and U.S. production has only a tiny influence on supply. Factors far beyond the control of a nation or a president dictate the price of gasoline.When you put the inflation-adjusted price of gas on the same chart as U.S. oil production since 1976, the […]

Devastating NBC/WSJ Polling Data

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I assume almost everybody has heard that the Republican primary is hurting, not helping that party. You’ve read that President Obama should be considered the favorite, but not a lock, in November. You’ve also read that Mitt Romney is disliked among just about everybody in his party. Well that and a whole lot more is […]

Mitt And The “Right Height Of TR

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Mitt Romney’s last few Michigan stump speeches have included an unusual phrase highlighting his appreciation for the apparently perfect height of the state’s trees. “I love this state,” he told an audience Tuesday. “The trees are the right height.” Got it, everybody missspeaks from time-to-time. It happens to the best of us. But then on […]

The GOP In Total Disarray

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This New York Magazine article by John Heilemann says it all: That Mitt Romney finds himself so imperiled by Rick Santorum—Rick Santorum!—is just the latest in a series of jaw-dropping developments in what has been the most volatile, unpredictable, and just plain wackadoodle Republican-nomination contest ever. Part of the explanation lies in Romney’s lameness as a […]

Mitt Romney Speech To Empty Ford Field

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Ouch. Just flat out sad. I got more friends and family than that. At this point Mitt must just be embarrassed. Update (2/25/12): The Detroit Free Press chronicles Mitt Romney’s struggle to make the 65,000 seat Ford Field Stadium look full at less than two percent capacity (1,200 attendees). It is pretty funny what they considered and what […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mitt

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During the GOP debate the other night, moderator John King asked each candidate to name the top misconception about them. This was Romney’s response: JOHN KING: Governor Romney? MITT ROMNEY: We’ve got to restore America’s promise in this country, where people know that with hard work and education that they’re going to be secure and prosperous and […]