Seth Godin's New Free eBook

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Seth Godin is one of the only marketing “experts” where I would actually pay for what they write, therefore a free eBook from him is a joyful day. Well that is what you get with What Matters Now, a free 82-page PDF eBook where he asked a number of “experts” to write brief essays about […]

Marketing The Olympics To Chicagoans

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Jason Fried of 37signals, a Chicago resident, and small business owner has an interesting and spot on take on why the city saw local public opinion erode for hosting the 2016 Olympics. As as Chicagoan, I’ve seen the campaign close up. A recent poll suggests Chicago citizens are about equally split on whether or not […]

When Direct Marketing Goes Wrong

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I went out to get my mail yesterday and noticed an over-sized postcard mailer for Dollar General. The offer was they’d give me $5 off my next purchase of $20 or more. I though great, cause about once a week I get all my cat related items at Dollar General which usually totals around $20 […]

World's Worst Person Decides To Go Into Marketing

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Oh how you have to love the Onion: Twenty-three-year-old Louis Deenan, undeniably the most detestable, loathsome individual ever to walk the earth, willfully decided Monday to devote his miserable life and all of its awful ambitions to the field of marketing. “I think it’s the career path that will best utilize my networking skills and […]

What Do You Know? (About Marketing)

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More than three years ago marketing guru Seth Godin put together a long list of “what every good marketer knows.” As it said it wasn’t a “carefully planned manifesto” but a “riff.” The whole list is here, but I pulled a few of his bullet points I felt were the most important. Low price is […]

Kinko's Is No More

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Kind of surprised it took this long. FedEx is renaming the copy store chain to FedEx Office. Sure hope they didn’t pay a lot for that creative naming!

Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks

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Ordered myself a copy today of Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks. Can’t wait for it to arrive. I realize how important forms are to business development, lead tracking, and communications. But if I am honest with myself I don’t know enough about them and tend to just throw them together at the last […]

Brand Association Web Site

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Brand Tags is a neat site that asks people to cite what they think of when presented with a particular brand and then displays the results as tag clouds. For instance see what folks think of VW, Nike, Apple, and Google.