Unbelievable. I Am Speechless

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I just don’t even know what to say about this. I am speechless. Somebody needs to get Debbie a subscription to the New York Times or show her how to use a computer: This is just flat out staggering. Does Debbie Wasserman Schultz somehow think that story isn’t in the the public already, cacuse it has been […]

Anybody In Congress Paying Attention?

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Under the 1973 War Powers Act, President Obama’s authority to use US military force in Libya expires today. It’s not clear to me that anyone in Congress actually knows this is the case, or even if they care.

The Washington Post Editorial Values

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In an editorial yesterday the Washington Post noted that to balance our budget we can’t cut military spending, cause well, we might need to fight a lot more wars. Even with significant trims in those areas, however, reaching Mr. Obama’s goal would probably require cuts in the size of the Army and Marines beyond the […]

Who's Arming Whom?

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Via the Rachel Maddow blog: Today’s chart of the day is actually today’s database of the day. The chart comes from The Economist, but they cite their source as the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Their arms transfer database isn’t quite as colorful as charts but the three categories of search they offer are totally play-with-able. Did […]

Video: Dan Choi Gets His Ring Back

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Maybe some of you remember the exchange earlier this year when Lt. Dan Choi gave Harry Reid his West Point ring and said he wouldn’t take it back until DADT was repealed. Today, Reid gave him the ring back. Pretty powerful stuff.

You Got To Get Kidding Me

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Via the Washington Post: But many residents near Kandahar do not share the view. They have lodged repeated complaints about the scope of the destruction with U.S. and Afghan officials. In one October operation near the city, U.S. aircraft dropped about two dozen 2,000-pound bombs. In another recent operation in the Zhari district, U.S. soldiers […]

What Country Do I Live In Again

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The Atlantic reports today: The U.S. is seriously considering sending elite “hunter-killer” teams to Yemen following the foiled mail bombing plot by militants in Yemen. The covert teams would operate under the CIA’s authority allowing them to kill or capture targets unilaterally, The Wall Street Journal reports.  Support for an expanded U.S. military effort in […]

I Thought Everybody Knew Powerpoint Is Evil?

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I can’t stand PowerPoint(PPT). It just isn’t an effective way to present complex data. Now it seems the military has clued into this basic fact. “PowerPoint makes us stupid,” Gen. James N. Mattis of the Marine Corps, the Joint Forces commander, said this month at a military conference in North Carolina. (He spoke without PowerPoint.) […]

Greatness Before Our Eyes

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From Obama’s prepared remarks to be delivered this afternoon’s memorial service at Fort Hood: I think all of us—every single American—must acknowledge that this generation has more than proved itself the equal of those who have come before. We need not look to the past for greatness, because it is before our very eyes. This […]