Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy

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I’ve just started Chris Hayes new book. Really looking forward to it. I always kind of liked the guy, but once he got his Saturday and Sunday show on MSNBC, Up w/ Chris Hayes, I’ve come to “love” the guy. Bare none, the best news program on TV. Not sure if there is even a […]

Calling A Liar A Liar

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Why can’t all journalists do this? Why can’t they simply call a lie a lie, and call someone who lies repeatedly a liar? What Rachel did last night shouldn’t be as rare as it is. She simply went through statements Mitt had made then ran other clips to prove how he was …. well a […]

What Republicans Really Think

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Alice Stewart, Rich Santorum’s spokesperson just said this a few minutes ago on MSNBC. When talking about President Obama’s “radical environmental policies” she instead said  his “radical Islamic policies.” Later a campaign spokesperson said that Stewart “misspoke.” Updated (2/21/12): Just in case anybody thought me saying this is what Republicans actually think, that Obama is a muslim […]

Koppel Calls Out Olbermann & O’Reilly

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Jon Stewart tried to explain Rachel Maddow last night, he is sick of the state of political discourse in our nation. Say what you will about Stewart (I am a huge fan) he is still a comedian commenting from the outside. Ted Koppel of course is not. Well today the 47 year news veteran  wrote […]

Oh Sure, Our Media Is So Darn Liberal

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As a progressive I get so sick of hearing from the right about our liberal “mainstream” media, cause I sure don’t see it often via the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, or the Washington Post. Lets take the Washington Post op-ed page today. Washington Press Corps Dean David Broder starts us off by penning a love […]

Google, News Corp, Bing And Access To News

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Rupert Murdoch is literally pointing a loaded gun to Google’s head, and Microsoft appears more than happy to help pull the trigger. It is that simple. Murdoch and various executives at News Corp. have been very vocal about their disdain for Google linking to their content (without paying them) and their desire to lead other […]

The Trolls Under The Bridge

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There’s been a lot of talk online the last couple days about Haley Barbour refusing to tell Chris Matthews on Hardball whether Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. I saw the interview at the time it aired and there was another part of the interview that I found far more telling (and striking): Chris […]