Good News Of The Day

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Oh I guess Newt Gingrich has some more books to sell: The former Republican presidential candidate and House Speaker said he has not ruled out running for president in 2016.

Stunning (In Bad) Politico Front Page

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Trump. Palin. More Trump and more Palin. Yet more Trump. Mama Grizzly back on the prowl. Gary Busey is voting for Trump (what an endoresement BTW). Sarah Palin is redesigning her website, could this maybe mean she is running for president? Politico expects me to take them serious as a news organization when this is […]

I Didn't See That Coming

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AOL buys Huffington Post: The Huffington Post, which began in 2005 with a meager $1 million investment and has grown into one of the most heavily visited news Web sites in the country, is being acquired by AOL in a deal that creates an unlikely pairing of two online media giants. The two companies completed […]

Talking Points Memo (TPM) Egypt Wire

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If you are trying to follow all that is unfolding in Egypt TPM has an Egypt Wire that is just amazing in its coverage,

One Thought On Keith Olbermann

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To say I am a huge fan of Keith would be an understatement. I was as shocked as most people when his show ended Friday and he left MSNBC, with literally no notice. No reason. I’ve ponder it a lot, what he meant to “liberal” media. And well, I think this sums it up pretty […]

Eric Schmidt & Roger Ailes Features

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The New Yorker has a long article on the departure of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Esquire has the best profile I’ve read to date on Fox News head Roger Alies. Both well work the time to read. Update: Following up on the link above about Schmidt leaving his CEO position at Google, this little […]

It Is A Reason, Not An Excuse

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In the last few weeks I’ve heard many on the right say that the BP oil spill gusher is being used by Obama as an excuse to stop the expansion of offshore drilling in US waters. A perfect example was Neil Cavuto on Fox News yesterday afternoon: I don’t want to sound too jaded or […]