Vincent Kohler “Billions”

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Instagram Camera [Pic]

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“It’s obvious that people love Instagram,” begins a recent video. “But how are you supposed to share your photos with the 6.95 billion people that aren’t on Instagram?” The video is a spoof that advertises a real-life Instagram camera. Indeed, Instagram hardware is an easy topic to satirize. The popular photo-sharing app has recently rocketed to […]

National Geographic's 2010 Photo Contest

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Many more of these flat out wonderful, stunning photos are located here.

Burning Man 2010 Seen from Space

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Hard to wrap my mind around this pic, but I guess that is what happens when you get 50,000 folks in the desert.

Monkey Adopts A Kitten

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There are many more just wonderful pics here. Cute overload will ensue I assure you.

Cute Baby Porcupine

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Fulvio Bonavia: A Matter of Taste

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Vegetable & Tofu Wontons in Spicy Oil

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