Sad, But More Truthful Then I Care To Admit

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Via the always wonderful Onion: Nation Horrified To Learn About War In Afghanistan While Reading Up On Petraeus Sex Scandal As they scoured the Internet for more juicy details about former CIA director David Petraeus’ affair with biographer Paula Broadwell, Americans were reportedly horrified today upon learning that a protracted, bloody war involving U.S. forces is currently […]

Why Nate Silver Got Drunk

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There are so many great lines here, I don’t know where to start, like: On election night 2012 even god himself was hitting refresh on 538. He just made the universe, I turned it into a graph. Now what’s up motherfucker.

Indiana Jones Denied Tenure Letter

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McSweeney pens a hilarious letter from the chairman of the Committee on Promotion and Tenure at Marshall College outlining the many reasons why they have denied Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. tenure. Though the committee may have overstepped the boundaries of its evaluation, I find it pertinent to note that Dr. Jones has been romantically linked to countless women of […]

Oh It Feels Good To Laugh

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Via the The Borowitz Report at The New Yorker, which has some of the best political humor and satire around: Canada announced today that it was tightening security along its border with the United States amid concerns that there could be a mass migration of illegal Americans after Tuesday, November 6th. According to Randolph McTavish, […]

Bizarre Job Interview Questions

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CBS Moneywatch recently ran a story highlighting some of the “bizarre” (insert bat-shit-crazy) qustions companies like Facebook, USB, Google, P&G, and Goldman Sachs ask in job interviews. One of my favoite online only publications, The Morning News took a shot at responding to them. Now don’t don’t give up on the list. I didn’t find […]

Oh How I Love The Onion

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I am a few days late on this, but funny at so many different levels. Having admittedly “reached the end of [his] rope,” President Barack Obama sent a rambling 75,000-word e-mail to the entire nation Wednesday, revealing deep frustrations with America’s political culture, his presidency, U.S. citizens, and himself. The president’s e-mail also CC’d a […]

The Onion Reports On BP Oil Spill

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In only the way they can do it: As the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico entered its eighth week Wednesday, fears continued to grow that the massive flow of bullshit still gushing from the headquarters of oil giant BP could prove catastrophic if nothing is done to contain it. The toxic bullshit, which began […]

News Story Of The Week

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Via the Onion: NEW YORK—According to a report published this week in American Journalism Review, 93 percent of all newspaper sales can now be attributed to kidnappers seeking to prove the day’s date in filmed ransom demands.