Video: Angry Birds On Facebook Trailer

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Coming to your Facebook on February 14.

How To Write A Twitter Bio

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Alex Blagg  shares with us his 15 top tips for creating the perfect Twitter bio. Just a few of my favorites: 5. If you go out to bars like every night of the week, you’re not alcoholic. You’re a Foursquare Ambassador. [….] 7. A great way to sound really smart and cool is to combine a vague/abstract word […]

Creative Facebook Profile Pics

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With Facebook’s new Profile Pages folks are finding some pretty darn creative ways to use them. Mashable has a nice list of ten people using them in ways I bet nobody figured they would.

Wow. George Bush Has A Facebook Page

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Have you “liked” George W. Bush yet? Because 12,000 other people have on his new Facebook page that just launched. It is almost like he must have a book coming out soon or something.

Bill of Privacy Rights for Social Network Users

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An insightful op-ed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) Kurt Opsahl listing what specific rights a responsible social network service should provide to its users. Social network services must ensure that users have ongoing privacy and control over personal information stored with the service. Users are not just a commodity, and their rights must be […]

The Library Of Congress Will Archive Every Public Tweet

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The U.S. Library of Congress, which archives many different types of media for their cultural and historical significance, has announced it will keep a digital archive of every public tweet that has been broadcast on Twitter since its inception in March 2006. More about the announcement here and here.