Upcoming Edition of SimCity Gameplay

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My gosh, the graphics on this are just staggering. I’ve not played SimCity since like 1998 on my Apple PowerBook. I’ll be buying this the second it comes out. You can get on that.

Slaughter In the Streets of Stormwind

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Some folks might find this funny, but as a fellow gamer (I don’t have WoW) this isn’t funny at so many different levels. A mass slaughter of World of Warcraft players has devastated the popular online roleplaying game. Hackers were somehow able to gain control of the game and kill characters at will. Normally players […]

Tiny Wings 2.0

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Oh how many hours will I waste on this? Too many is my guess. I just love this handmade trailer. Amazing. Just amazing.

Gaming This Weekend: BioShock 2

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Well I should be working in my yard all weekend, but since it is supposed to be 106 here today in southern Illinois, I think I will just stay inside and start playing some BioShock 2. Not normally the type of game I play, but picked it up yesterday for only 20 bucks, so I […]

Thoughts On Casual Gaming

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Sam Anderson in the NY Times Magazine on casual gaming  (like Angry Birds, Tetris, Bejeweled, etc.): In 2009, 25 years after the invention of Tetris, a nearly bankrupt Finnish company called Rovio hit upon a similarly perfect fusion of game and device: Angry Birds. The game involves launching peevish birds at green pigs hiding inside […]

Extended Mass Effect 3 Trailer

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Well that is pretty damn epic!